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Fraud Should Negate Political Protection

The ADN considers that there is an “excessive” and “harmful” partisanship of current political life “and in general of the entire State apparatus” which, in turn, fosters “not only influence peddling, but corruption and subordination in many areas of public intervention to private logics and criteria or the interests of the Government party and its supporters.”

In this way, the party intends to review the party-political statute, along with the remunerations and immunities of deputies.

“Here, there is a lot to change. Significant reforms of the statutes of deputies are necessary, in terms of mandates or original legitimacy and also permanent functional legitimacy,” said Miguel Pita, candidate for the regional elections.

In this context, he believes that it is necessary to promote a new solution for the remuneration of Members, which does not harm them, but also does not privilege them, “nor encourages games of perpetuation in such functions, preventing the renewal of political agents and merit.”

“You can’t go into politics to get rich or to stay rich,” he added.

The ADN considers that parliamentarians, as well as members of the government, should lose all immunities and privileges vis-à-vis the justice system and the procedural laws applicable in general, with the exception of cases related to statements made in the context of parliamentary criticism or about the policies and actions of politicians and public bodies themselves.

“We, therefore, propose the abolition of all criminal, procedural privileges of political agents at all levels, from deputies and mayors, in matters of their public and professional lives, unrelated to parliamentary debate and freedom of expression and criticism. The special legal protection of politicians must be eliminated,” he argued.

Finally, Miguel Pita defends the permission of the courts to prosecute members of the Government and Parliament, without limitation periods or at least, without the expiration of the statute of limitations for crimes and accountability in general while they hold positions of authority.

Samantha Gannon

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