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IFCN Alien Species Detection Plan

The Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) has an ongoing project for “Early Detection and Rapid Elimination of Invasive Alien Plants,” whose objectives are to train work teams with materials and equipment, necessary for the control of invasive vegetation and the implementation of a programme for the detection and rapid elimination of these plants in the natural areas of Madeira.

This project, according to Manuel Filipe, President of the IFCN, “has the support of the Rural Development Programme for the Autonomous Region of Madeira (PRODERAM 2020), more specifically in Measure 8 ‘Investments in the development of forest areas and in improving the viability of forests,’ Sub-measure M08.3 ‘Support for the prevention of forests against forest fires, natural disasters, and catastrophic events,’ which is part of the objective ‘sustainability, aiming to support forest prevention actions against biotic (living organisms such as insects, mites, fungi, and bacteria) and abiotic (non-living organisms and decaying matter in the environment.  This can also include light, temperature, water humidity, and radiation) agents.’

Within this project’s scope, several materials and equipment have already been acquired, including a 4×4 pickup to support the implementation of the planned actions. Procedures are also being prepared for the development of a mobile application where, among other features, plant recognition algorithms will be executed for the early detection of invasive plants which will allow the active participation of the community in the mapping of these species.

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