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OE2024:Licensing Extension For ZFM

The PS-Madeira deputies have presented a set of proposals for amendments to the State Budget for 2024, including the extension of the licensing of new companies in the Free Trade Zone(ZFM) from next year.

According to the vice-president of the PS parliamentary group, Carlos Pereira, “if the President of the Republic considered dissolving the Assembly without the approval of the budget, what would happen is that new companies would not be able to enter the Madeira Free Trade Zone ZFM [from January],” ensuring that the extension is assured.

The Socialists have also presented a proposal for the application of the extraordinary tax on local accommodation (AL), which will come into force next year at the national level, to be a decision of the autonomous regions.

Carlos Pereira said he doubted that, in the case of Madeira, “this tax should exist,” arguing that “who has to decide is the Regional Legislative Assembly.”

“Therefore, it was clear in the budget that it is the region that determines whether it will have this extraordinary rate, whether it will be lower or whether it will not exist,” he said.

In the same sense, the autonomous regions must adapt to their reality the system of incentives for non-habitual residents, such as the ‘golden visas,’ stressed Carlos Pereira.

On the other hand, in terms of mobility, the deputy said that the construction of additional parking areas for aircraft at Porto Santo airport is already assured, but stressed that it is necessary to speed up the process “what is not yet assured, is the increase in the number of aircraft that can be parked on the apron at any one time at Porto Santo airport.”

In addition, from the socialist’s perspective, the Regional Government, of the PSD/CDS-PP coalition, should ensure maritime transport between Porto Santo and Madeira for situations where planes are unable to land in Madeira.

The deadline for parties to submit proposals for amendments to the proposed State Budget for 2024 (OE2024) ended on Tuesday, the 14th of November. Discussion and voting on the document in the specialty starts this Thursday and ends on the 29th when the final global vote on the OE2024 is scheduled.

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