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Fires: The Aftermath

The Regional Civil Protection Service, IP-RAM, informs that, at the moment, a rigorous survey of the damage caused to heritage and environmental assets is being carried out. To date, seven houses have been affected, including 2 vacant ones.  Four people are in temporary accommodation and are waiting for the recovery of their homes.

Technical structural and safety assessments have also been carried out on all damaged properties.

A total of 79 people were assisted until 10 am today in various Health Centres and Nélio Mendonça Hospital due to smoke inhalation and minor burns.

The Madeira Electricity Company has already managed to restore electricity to the 400 homes initially cut off, and communication systems are already fully operational in the affected areas, with the exception of the Lamaceiros area.

The Madeira Water and Waste team is also repairing water pipes that were affected, as well as municipal teams who were also drafted in to ensure drinking water supplies in the most critical areas.

The Special Civil Protection Force was, throughout the night, working in the municipalities of Calheta and Câmara de Lobos/Ribeira Brava, opening containment strips and safety strips using manual and mechanical tools, to prevent the spread of fires in the most critical areas, supported by the fire analysis and use teams, together with the Region’s operatives.

65 Firefighters from all Corporations and Heliborne Brigade are engaged, with the support of more than 45 professionals from the IFCN, IP-RAM, GNR, PSP, and Armed Forces, assisted by 14 firefighting vehicles, 20 support and logistics vehicles and aerial means, at this time when all fire outbreaks are in the aftermath phase, and active, surveillance is being carried out in the municipalities of Calheta, Ribeira Brava, Câmara de Lobos and Porto Moniz.

The Air Force and its heliborne brigade are back at base, having carried out, since the 9th of October, 294 water drops over affected areas.

The Armed Forces and the GNR continue to reinforce surveillance and patrol actions in the south and west of Madeira.

A massive thank you to the emergency teams, the armed forces, and police bodies for their dedication to duty at this harrowing time.

Samantha Gannon

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