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Great Concern Over Praia Formosa

The Ecologist Party (Green Party/ENP) considers it “scandalous that the Madeira Coastal Planning Programme (POCDAM), whose public discussion ended in March of this year, has been deliberately ‘filed in the drawer’ to allow the advancement of this project.”

In a press release, the ENP stresses that it “does not oppose the rehabilitation of Praia Formosa,” however, the “current proposals must undergo a series of changes so that the area is protected for everyone to use.”

The Greens defend that “the requalification of Formosa beach cannot depend on private interests” and think that Funchal City Council and the Regional Government “have if they have the political will to do so, all the conditions to do so.” “There are certainly other avenues of negotiation and alternatively there are expropriations, a practice so recurrent on the Island,” they consider.

“The Greens propose that this requalification be made with appropriate materials, not waterproofing, and that an electric minibus connection to the beach be created from various points of Funchal, in the bathing season, to reduce the number of cars and demand for car parking spaces.”

Samantha Gannon

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