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Food Bank Celebrates 11 Years

The Food Bank of Madeira marked its 11th anniversary with the inauguration of artistic work by Zeca Diogo, which includes two pillars of the institution’s headquarters.

Fátima Aveiro, President of the Board of Directors, noted that in the first half of 2023, compared to 2022, there was a decrease of 11% in the number of people supported and 18% in the number of institutions assisted.

“This decrease is due in particular to a greater local response, at the level of municipalities, people’s homes, and local institutions that are closer to the populations know better the situations of vulnerability and provide the most immediate help. Economic recovery has provided the resumption of jobs, suspended by COVID, and the creation of more jobs.”

Celebrating the 11th anniversary, the association “renews and reaffirms its commitment to the realisation of its mission, and mobilising those who improve vulnerable situations.”

In this sense, along with the food aid response, the association “will strengthen actions to combat waste through the continuity of awareness and awareness of food waste, as well as the promotion of the altruistic principle of volunteering, with schools, companies, associations, and beneficiaries to which innovative projects will be added.”

The celebration was also attended by Helena Leal, Funchal City Council councillor, who inaugurated the panels painted by Zeca Diogo.

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