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Praia Formosa is For the People

This morning, political party Bloco de Esquerda (BE-M) claimed that ALL Madeirans have a right to use Praia Formosa.

“Praia Formosa is our heritage, it is part of the collective childhood and youth of thousands of Madeirans and, in any other part of the world, it would be inadmissible what is happening there.” A spokesperson for the party reiterated. “During the Jardim era, the entire coastline of the city of Funchal was handed over to hotel entrepreneurs and access to the beach is via paid entry from Barreirinha to Doca do Cavacas. Now Funchal Mayor, Pedro Calado is set to continue where his predecessor left off. This is the largest beach in Funchal, on the island of Madeira, and is, at this moment, one of the few beaches in the capital that is free.”

Furthermore, the sanctity of the beach is not guaranteed in the future with the luxury housing developments that the PSD-CDS governance of the Funchal City Council is approving.  These plans are purely tailored to the interests of the large economic groups that strangle the freedom of the people by only allowing the minority to enjoy what was meant for the majority.”

“And so, the fundamental issue that arises here is that of the public interest, which the rulers must defend. If they can throw away money on the construction of a golf course or a cable car, which will not be used by the majority of Madeirans, it is only right that they protect an area so vitally important to our population.”

Not only are Madeiran’s being squeezed out of their birthright they are several other factors that need to be taken into account.  The first is climate change: with the subsequent rise in sea levels, there is an acute possibility that Funchal will see a considerable loss to its beach line over the next 20-30 years. Furthermore, when other countries all over the world are banning seafront construction, those in power here are going ahead with foolhardy plans just to please the effete.  

A second problem is sewage and water treatment. “Our beaches are already polluted by ‘dirt’ and the problem will be further exacerbated when an already overburdened sewage treatment system is placed under further strain.”

The BE-M understands that renovation works are necessary at Praia Formosa and that the area needs better access, a more frequent public transport network, and better services and infrastructures for bathers and visitors to the beach.

The party concludes by stating that both the CMF and the Regional Government have the financial conditions to create such a public space for in addition to the millions of the PRR and the new community framework 20-30, they have the excess tax revenue generated by good economic performance, they are so often bragging about.  Therefore, it is only sensible that they protect and re-energise Praia Formosa for the good of the people.

Samantha Gannon

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