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Growth in Tourism Should Not Impact Other Sectors

The PS-Madeira considers it a priority to create tourist planning measures to ensure the safety of natural heritage sites, the use of pedestrian routes, and other natural spaces within the region.

At a time when the Regional Government remains only interested in touting records of overnight stays, the President of the Madeiran socialists again warns of the problem of disorderly tourism and the excess load that occurs in several tourist spots of the region; factors that have endangered the lives of people using particular walking routes. The proof of this, says Sérgio Gonçalves, are the accidents that often occur, which are devalued by the President of the Government himself, who, lightly, says that “it is better to have too many tourists and occasional accidents than not to have tourists at all.”

Aware of the importance of tourism, the socialist leader believes that growth within the sector must be accompanied by adequate safeguards. “Too many people are using certain routes which is already beginning to have serious consequences, and yet the Regional Government remains unconcerned about the number of accidents and fatalities.”

Sérgio Gonçalves recalls that the PS itself presented in the Legislative Assembly several initiatives in this regard, including the Legal Regime of Pedestrian and Cycling Routes, which aimed to monitor the use of these spaces, define safety plans and measure the load on them, as well as a project that intended to regulate camping, in order to put an end to the cases of wild encampments which have been occurring with increasing frequency.

The socialist candidate for the presidency of the Regional Government stresses that it is essential to requalify our tourism product, something that should not be limited to the renovation of hotel units, but also to the care of the pedestrian routes, viewpoints, our natural heritage, and everything that characterises us as a unique and genuine destination.

On the other hand, and on a day when the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture once again waved the records in the sector, the PS advocates the need for this growth to be accompanied by the improvement of the remuneration of hotel and tourism workers. This valorisation, says the socialist leader, is vitally important as it will allow more people to settle in the region, and help reduce the current emigration trend.

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