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Porto Santo Tree Fall Compensation

The Porto Santo City Council will pay 679,000 euros to the families of the two victims resulting from the fall of the palm tree in Largo do Pelourinho, Porto Santo.

The tragedy occurred on the 22nd of August 2010, when the Mayor of Porto Santo, Roberto Silva, was speaking at a PSD party rally.  During his speech, a palm tree collapsed and fell on the crowd at Largo do Pelourinho, and a man and woman were killed.

In a press conference yesterday, Nuno Batista, President of the Municipality said:

“Being aware that I was elected to promote and protect Porto Santo and its inhabitants, we have decided not to appeal against the ruling and compensate the families of those who died in what was the most horrendous and fateful accident to occur on our island.

This reaction comes after the Porto Santo City Council was recently forced by the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Funchal to compensate the families of the victims killed by the fall of a palm tree.

After 13 years, the mayor considers that “the time has come to close this chapter and move forward into the future.”

Samantha Gannon

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