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€1.36 Saving on a Basket of Zero VAT Food

According to a LUSA article, the price of a basket filled with only Zero VAT foods (46 items) costs 1.36 euros less today than it did on the 18th of April when the new Zero VAT regime came into force.

The figures result from the collection of prices made by Lusa from a food retailer distribution chain website, which indicates that the purchase of the 46 VAT-exempt foods would have cost €155.12 on the 18th of April, €158.44 on the 8th of May and €156.48 today.

Although the price of most of the products considered has remained unchanged, the survey shows some price increases. Buying a kilo of oranges today costs nine cents more than in April and taking home a three-kilo package of potatoes also means spending 11 cents more today than about two months ago.

Broccoli, plain lettuce, medium seabream, and natural yoghurts are also more expensive than when the VAT-exempt products came into force.

The list of food products exempt from VAT – following a tripartite pact signed between the Government and the food production and distribution sectors – includes vegetables, meat, and fish in the fresh, chilled and frozen states, as well as rice and pasta, cheeses, milk, and yoghurts and fruits such as apples, pears, oranges, bananas, and melons, three types of legumes, or, among others, plant-based beverages and yoghurts.

The products were chosen for their nutritional benefits and attractiveness to the average Portuguese consumer.

This measure, which aims to combat the effects of rising food prices on household incomes, is expected to run until the end of October.

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