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Gas May No Longer Be An Option


Social Democrat, Carlos Rodrigues, has proposed that Madeira adopts the national diploma which dispenses with gas installations in new buildings, to the region.

The national legislation was approved last February and changed the environmental licensing of buildings. The Region is now adapting to it. Specifically, it is the “first amendment to Regional Legislative Decree no. 12/2019/M, which establishes the regime of combustible gas installations in buildings, hereinafter referred to as gas installations, and the appliances that they supply, with the exception of appliances fed directly by gas cylinders placed at the place of consumption, as well as the definition of the system of supervision and regulation of the activities associated with them.”

Rafael Nunes, from JPP, commented that the diploma is identical to the national license and will be approved. He considered that, in addition to security issues, this diploma also aims at energy savings.  Especially, as there is already a 12 euro price difference in a bottle of gas sold in Madeira and the Azores, making Madeira the most expensive. “And who gains from this?” he asked, “well I can tell you it is not the families that buy them!”

Joining in, in the conversation, PS representative, Miguel Brito, stated that although he believed this diploma to be necessary, he also pointed out several of the government’s previous energy policies that have failed, such as the Porto Santo wind energy farm, the microalgae factory, and biomass energy.

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Lopes da Fonseca considered that it is consensual that the diploma be approved, but took the opportunity to criticize the JPP for wanting to reduce the consumption of fossil energies, but, at the same time, wanting people to consume more gas, a fossil fuel.



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