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Atlantic Polex.PT 2023 Anti-Pollution Exercise

On the 11th and 12th of May, Madeira will host a combat marine pollution exercise, “ATLANTIC POLEX.PT 2023,” organised by the National Maritime Authority Directorate for Combating Sea Pollution.

This exercise simulates the maritime disaster created by an explosion on board a tanker during fuel unloading operations at the maritime terminal of Companhia Logística de Combustíveis da Madeira (CLCM). The simulated explosion results in a rupture in the ship’s hull, causing a catastrophic fuel spill. The situation is further complicated due to onboard injuries and a castaway situation, where one crew member is hurled overboard due to the explosion. The oil slick will affect the maritime terminal of the Madeira Fuel Logistics Company (CLCM), as well as the port of Caniçal, the beach of Ribeira de Natal, and the Baía d’Abra.

The objective of the exercise is to train the emergency services in the procedures necessary to deal with fuel spills and environmental disasters at a regional level as part of the Clean Sea Plan.  The simulation also prepares National Maritime Authority personnel for disaster situations, and how to combat marine pollution in collaboration with other entities in the containment actions required – Collection and cleaning of polluting material in different sub-scenarios.

On the 11th of May, the first phase of the exercise comprises a seminar on “Preservation of the marine environment,” where various subjects will be addressed, focusing on the theme of pollution of the marine environment.  In addition, the marine pollution exercise will be presented.

This seminar can be attended by logging onto the National Maritime Authority’s social networks.

On the second day of the exercise, May the 12th, several marine pollution exercises will be carried out involving both land and sea operations.

The “ATLANTIC POLEX.PT” is an annual marine pollution incident response exercise, which aims to test the national contingency plan against pollution incidents in the different types of scenarios that could occur an incident: at sea (offshore), in the port, marinas, and on the beach.

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