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Funchal Coastline Under Threat

The CDU (United Democratic Coalition) promoted a political initiative this morning in Praia Formosa, where the Municipal Deputy, Herlanda Amado, spoke of what she considers to be the “destruction” of the coastline of the municipality of Funchal.

“The clumsy and illegitimate occupation of the coastline in the municipality of Funchal is one of the processes of greatest political negligence over the last few years. Our island has been the target of incomprehensible interventions by government entities, leading to the construction of islands within islands, where some have full access to the sea and others are deprived of enjoying parts of the coastline.”

In her opinion, Herlanda Amado believes, “there are many examples of beaches stolen from the people of Funchal, with the connivance of the rulers causing an important area of the coast to be destroyed.” In addition, she maintains, “the industrial activities implemented along our coast have destroyed the heritage of all for the enjoyment of some, which is irrecoverable.”

The CDU notes the fact that between Pontinha and Lido or the entire coastal area between Praia do Toco and the tip of Lazareto, “the entire coastal front of Funchal, the entire coastline is in the hands of private interests.” A situation that the deputy understands demonstrates “shamelessly the result of accumulated processes of subjugation of the city to private interests to the detriment of the collective interest of all Funchalenses.”

“The entire coastline was handed over to the business of some, removing the coastline from the city and citizens, even though those territories are in the public domain.”

In this regard, Herlanda Amado considers that Praia Formosa should be preserved as free access to the sea and available to the entire population. “The potential of this seafront has not been used and it is urgent to safeguard this public heritage, protecting it from real estate speculation, a situation that has already happened in other areas of our region with the destruction of the coast and the ‘sale’ of the coastline to private interests.”

Samantha Gannon

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