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Swedish Tourist Drowns

Reports came in late this afternoon at SANAS, the Maritime Police and the Regional Command of Relief Operations (CROS), using a drone, were searching for a Swedish tourist aged between 40 and 50 years old who disappeared after being knocked off a rock by a wave into the sea around Seixal.

According to locals, the victim only yesterday parked at the site (Praia da Laje), asking about sea conditions around the north coast.

Today, while photographing the sea from a rock he was washed away by a freak wave.

Just before 5 pm, news was released that the body of the Swedish man had been located by drone and had already been removed from the water.

Several drones were used in the search around the area of Praia da Laje, in Seixal. The first drone, manned by the Regional Command for Relief Operations (CROS) operative, was unsuccessful.  Luckily, a drone manned by an operative from the Operational Command of Madeira was more successful and managed to pinpoint the body in the water.

Once all the legalities have been performed, the body will be flown home to its country of origin.

Our thoughts are with his wife who was at the scene.

Samantha Gannon

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