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ZERO VAT on Food: Current List Includes 46 Foods

SIC commentator Marques Mendes disclosed yesterday that 46 foods are subject to zero VAT from the 1st of April to October in an attempt to lessen the effects of the current economic crisis.

Current products are:

– Fish (mackerel, faneca, bacalhau, salmon, and hake)

– Black-eyed peas

– Chickpeas

– Various vegetables (broccoli and courgettes)

– Turkey meat

– Beef

– Pork

– Chicken eggs

– Fruit (includes apple, banana, orange, pear, and tangerine)

– Vegetable oils

-Olive oil








– Cow’s milk





It is recalled that the final list, the result of a negotiation between distribution, production, and the Ministry of Health, based on nutritional criteria, should be known this week.

Samantha Gannon

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