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BE: Praia Formosa is a Green Space And Not a Housing Project

The municipal group of Bloco de Esquerda Madeira (BE-M), in the Municipal Assembly of Funchal, were on the warpath this morning as they stood together in Praia Formosa to express their anger at the new proposed housing project. Talking to reporters, they stated that the area is a green space for the community and should not be transformed into a luxury housing project, which most Madeirans will be unable to afford.

The spokesman for this initiative, Egidio Fernandes, municipal deputy of BE-M, said:

“The Left Block, this morning, went to Praia Formosa to address the proposed construction of apartments. This whole area is a privileged area of the city of Funchal and a green space area allowing citizens of all ages to enjoy this leisure space and come together as a community. What is proposed is the construction of a couple of hundred apartments which will not serve to improve the area and prevent the city’s citizens from enjoying this unique public space.

Yet again, it is the citizens of this country who are being marginalised in the name of profit!”

Samantha Gannon

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