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Port Strikes Suspended

The Union of Captains, Pilot Officers, Commissioners and Engineers of the Merchant Navy – OFICIAISMAR has informed the Regional Governments of Madeira and the Azores, of their decision to suspend the industrial action planned for the ports in the two archipelagos today and tomorrow, and that of the 6th and 7th of December.

In a letter addressed to the Regional Governments of Madeira and the Azores, it states that the decision to suspend the strike results from a meeting that took place on the 25th of November, between the Regional Directorate of Professional Qualification and Employment of the Azores and the Regional Directorate of Labour and Inspection Action of Madeira, the Direction of the Union of Captains, Pilot officers, Commissioners and Engineers of the Merchant Navy – OFICIAISMAR.

The Regional Secretary for the Economy of Madeira, Rui Barreto, with the tutelage of the ports of the region, welcomes the decision of OFICIAISMAR, because “the union, with which we stand in solidarity with its demands, was sensitive to the dependence of the supply, by sea, of the two autonomous regions, therefore allowing both archipelagos to remain functional and supported.

Thus, adds Rui Barreto, “it is guaranteed, not only the supply with the ships of goods, at a time when families are already preparing Christmas, but also guarantee cruise ship operations, a sector vitally important to the economy of the region, especially as Madeira has just been voted top European Cruise Destination.

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