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New Book: ‘Madeira Island – 300 Trees’

Geographer and botanist Raimundo Quintal will officially launch his new book Ilha da Madeira – 300 Árvores,’ edited by Letras Lavadas, at 18:00 on Thursday, the 24th of November at Quinta Magnolia.

The session will feature a presentation by Dr. Maria Eugénia Soares de Albergaria Moreira. Other noted guests include Eduardo Jesus, Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture of Madeira, and the editor of Letras Lavadas, José Ernesto Rezendes.

‘Ilha da Madeira – 300 Árvores’ is the result of four decades of fieldwork by Raimundo Quintal, who has identified and photographed more than 3000 species of plants in the gardens, parks, and Quintas of Madeira.

The book contains photographs and information on 270 species, 4 subspecies, 1 natural variety, 3 natural forms, 5 hybrids, and 17 cultivars. This includes trees endemic to Madeira categorised as monumental trees, small trees or large shrubs, palm trees, and arborescent plants. This book, however, is not a guide to the gardens of Madeira, but instead proposes to be a lens that can help residents and visitors to see the amazing variety of trees located within the island’s gardens, Quintas, parks, streets, and public areas.

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