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Regional Government Promotes Energy Saving Campaign

The Regional Secretariat for the Economy, through the Regional Directorate of Economy and Land Transport, launches its new energy awareness campaign, tomorrow the 21st of November.

In a press release issued to all media outlets a spokesperson for the campaign said:

“The new campaign draws attention to small daily gestures that, at the end of the month, may represent a substantial reduction in consumption and, consequently, costs, not only for families, who are fundamentally the target audience of this action, but also companies.”

This campaign is also in line with the Preventive Energy Savings and Rationalisation Plan for the years 2022 – 2024, approved in early October by the Governing Council and whose objective is to advocate efficient energy consumption.

Measures, presented by the Regional Economy Secretariat, follow a working group formed by the Regional Directorate of Economy and Land Transport (DRETT), Madeira Electricity Company (EEM), and the Regional Energy and Environment Agency of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (AREAM).

“The foreseeable difficulties in supplying natural gas, an energy vector that assumes relevance in regional energy production, combined with the targets that the region has proposed to achieve in matters of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, require that appropriate measures be taken to reduce energy consumption,” the SRE points out, indicating that, in essence, this campaign’s main objective is to raise people’s awareness of the need and benefits of reducing the amount of energy we use, create new behavioural patterns, reduce the amount of energy that is wasted, decrease overall costs and spending as well as effective environmental improvements through the reduction of light and energy pollution.

Some of the measures include the installation of a photovoltaic system in both houses and businesses which can result in 50% savings in energy consumption. Heating houses to a maximum of 19°C in winter, only using air conditioning when indoor temperatures reach 25°C and above.  With regard to air conditioning, they also recommend that all systems are turned off when the space is not in use and that all windows and doors are kept shut when the system is on.

In addition, recommendations are made to save energy within the home/building, such as turning off lights in rooms that are not in use, and opting for natural rather than artificial light wherever possible. Further tips include using LED lighting which reduces the amount of electricity used by up to 80%, and only using washing machines when you have a full load and at a lower temperature.

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