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Martin’s Lifesaving Appeal

Last updated on 8th November 2022

Martin, a 7 year- old boy has cerebral palsy and 80% disabilities and desperately needs funding to allow him to be treated at a private clinic, whose specialised rehabilitation techniques have already given the little boy hope. So far, the little Madeiran warrior has managed to raise 1,562 euros in donations, 10% of what he needs – the target is 15,500 euros.

There is no doubt that his life has been filled with battles that have been overcome with love and faith.

Martin was born prematurely at 24 weeks, weighing only 800 grams. He had a Grade IV brain hemorrhage, which caused cysts in his brain. The diagnosis, as told by the child’s life story on the ‘GoFundMe’ website, states that he was in a vegetative state, and even the medical team proposed, at the time, to turn off the machines that kept him alive.

So far, Martin has undergone eight brain operations, in which the medical team stated, he was already brain dead.  However, after seven years, the truth is that little Martin has overcome all adversities, living, where possible as a normal child. He attends school, has friends, doctors, and a family who believe in him, but asks for help so that they can continue his rehabilitation treatments, which will make a difference in his life, since, although he has some movement in his limbs, he can’t walk.

A note on the crowdfunding site says, “my parents found a clinic in Portugal, with specialised rehabilitation techniques and where I have already undergone treatment, and as such was able to sit unaided.  The results are visible and encouraging.

However, the clinic is private, and the costs and the number of treatment cycles are exceptionally high, but as I am young and still growing therapists believe that I have potential and that it is possible one day to walk, but I needed your help to be able to fly higher.”

If anyone would like to help Martin achieve his dream of being able to walk, please visit:

Donations can also be made by bank transfer to NIB0033 0000 00017218115 06.

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