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Two Foreigners Arrested For Drug Trafficking

The Regional Command of the Public Security Police of Madeira released a press release today, stating that yesterday in Porto Santo two foreigners aged 23 and 18 were detained for drug trafficking.  The press release went on to say that:

“At different times, two citizens were identified and questioned by police in public areas, as there were indications that they could be in possession of a narcotic product.

In the first case, the citizen was detected in possession of several separate pieces of hashish, which amounted to more than fifty doses.

The second person was found to have in their possession a larger piece of hashish and 42 small packages, each containing a dose of the same product already ready for sale. The amount they were carrying was enough for two hundred individual doses.

The Madeira Regional Command reports that, with these arrests and as a result of its operational proactivity, 13 arrests have already been made in Porto Santo for drug trafficking.”

Samantha Gannon

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