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Monkeypox Help Healthline

A Regional Health Directorate (DRS) circular, 2022/935, 2 June, now states that anyone who believes that they have been infected by the Monkeypox virus in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, must phone the SRS 24 line (800 24 24 20). The number, which is the same as the Covid-19 hotline is now providing support for those who may or think they may have been infected with the new virus. 
Suspected cases of Monkeypox infection include anyone who presents some of the following symptoms: exanthema (presence of red spots on the skin), possibly accompanied by palpable lymph nodes, fever, chills, headache, muscle pain, or who has had contact with confirmed case.
In the event of a suspected, probable or confirmed case, isolation and physical distancing is recommended until the lesions resolve (scabs fall off), among other public health measures, including mask wearing, the use of disposable gloves, eye protection to prevent secretions coming into contact with clothing, frequent handwashing and self isolation.
There are currently 166 confirmed cases of Monkeypox in Portugal.
The full DRS directive can be read at
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