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Surveillance of Savage Islands

Sérgio Marques, PSD/Madeira Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, today questioned the Minister of National Defense about the surveillance and inspection of the Selvagens Nature Reserve (Savage Islands), asking:

“As the Ilhas Selvagens Nature Reserve is a very important landmark in environmental terms that, at the same time, reinforces the true expression of Portuguese sovereignty, it is important that, at this moment, it is clarified what the Government of the Republic intends to do with regard to the management of this Reserve, namely in terms of surveillance and inspection?”

He went on to say that the evolution of this Reserve, including its extension, currently the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world was of global importance, and as such safeguards had to be introduced.

A very interesting article on why Spain tried to have the islands reclassified as ‘Rocks’ can be read at:

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