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Calls For Vaccination, Unethical!

Dozens of protesters stood in front of Quinta Vigia today demonstrating against the new vaccination and antigen testing rules, stating that they will protest every Thursday until the President of Madeira resigns.

Demonstration organiser, Pedro Sousa, told local newspaper JM, that the President is unable to govern the country, and is only implementing the new measures as a way of financing the new hospital. He himself says that he refuses to wear a mask, and claims that the authorities are using the pandemic to bring about unwanted restrictive measures, and refusing to tell the people of the real situation, thus curtailing personal freedom and a right to choose. 

And just to add fuel to an already messy fire, the demonstration was also attended by several foreigners living on the island. One stated that she disagreed with mass testing and vaccinations, and that she knew of three people who had died from being vaccinated.  While another, who works in tourism said that she would go to work early to check on tourist certificates, stating that most people booking trips would be unvaccinated.

Samantha Gannon

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Photo: Joana Sousa – JM

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