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Covid-19: 25 Positive Cases in Madeiran Schools

The Regional Secretary for Education, has reported 25 positive Covid-19 cases in the regions schools today. The cases concern 23 students and two teachers, and a further 163 students and staff will remain in prophylactic isolation until otherwise indicated by the health authorities.

The cases were registered at the following educational establishments:

EB123/PE Bartolomeu Perestrelo: Eight students and one teacher / two classes (35 students) in prophylactic isolation.

ES by Francisco Franco: Three students.

EB1/PE in Nazaré: One child and one student / one room (18 children), one class (23 students), two educators, one teacher and one non-teaching staff are in isolation.

EBS Dr. Ângelo Augusto da Silva: Two students.

EB23 da Torre: One student and one teacher.

EBS Father Manuel Álvares: One student / one class (22 students) is in isolation.

EB1/PE do Monte: One student tested positive / one class (22 students) in isolation.

Ajuda EB1/PE: One student / one class (20 students) and one teacher are in isolation.

EB1/PE Ribeiro de Alforra: One student / one class (17 students) and one teacher are in isolation.

ES by Jaime Moniz: A student.

EBS Gonçalves Zarco: One student.

EB23 do Caniço: One student.

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