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Bare Faced Cheek!


An unusual incident occurred today on Rua do Til, Funchal this afternoon.

To the astonishment of the author of the video and passers-by, a visibly disturbed naked man took to the road in nothing but his birthday suit, causing chaos and confusion as he did a series of press ups in front of a passing car.

Unfortunately, his actions created more derision and mockery than sympathy, as crowds gathered to witness the event.

However, it was a motorist who, when driving up the street, realised that the man was endangering his life, stopped his car and tried to convince the man to move. It was not known if the man had any relationship with the naked protagonist, but he picked up the man’s shorts which were lying in the middle of the road and tried to persuade him to put them on.  Although his efforts failed, the naked man then rolled to the side of the road to the safety of the pavement. 

The last moments of the video show the car driver placing the mans shorts over his unmentionables in a desperate attempt to spare the blushes of onlookers from a passing bus!

Samantha Gannon

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