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It’s 2021, And We Still Have Open Sewers!

With Municipal elections looming, the hot topics for contention have to be animal welfare and playgrounds/parks.  However, Pedro Calado, the leader of ‘Funchal Semper à Frente’ has identified several sewerage problems in the upper regions of Santo António, and has pledged to resolve them.

While on walkabout at Preces, Santa Quitéria, Santo António, he met with residents who are complaining about the lack of basic sanitation in their area.  Basically, most of the houses are still connected to septic tanks, which then discharge into an open sewer.  Thus contravening most, if not all environment and public health regulations.

Accompanied by the current chairman of the parish council, Rui Santos and the next candidate, Ilídio Castro, and other members of his team, Pedro Calado was met with a fair amount of hostility as residents stated just how ‘fed up’ they were of the situation, and that despite their complaints to the Municipality of Funchal, and more notably the Mayor of Funchal, nothing is being done to resolve what can only be termed a ‘health hazard.’

Addressing the collective, Pedro Calado said that “this is an easy problem to solve. Work has started, and approximately 250 families will benefit from being connected to the waste water system.’

Samantha Gannon

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