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Tourist Narrowly Avoids Fatal Accident

As seen from the photograph, a vast majority of accidents are caused by tourists who just cannot see the dangers in front of them.  

Last week, two tourists died from falling from a levada.  The first took place on Levada do Furado in Portela, and the second tragedy occurred on Levada das 25 Fontes, Rabaçal.

Looking at the image, which was taken from an eyewitness, you can see that this tourist is either unaware of the danger, previous tragedies, or feels that nothing can happen to him, as he climbs over a security balcony on the Vereda between Pico do Areeiro and Pico Ruivo to take pictures and pick plants. A metre or two above is a woman, while the couples bags are left unattended in a heap on the path. 

Madeira’s levada route are intriguing, beautiful and beguiling, so please act sensibly.  The dry heat and sudden rains can make land unstable, and if you are going to take photographs please ensure that you are standing on something solid, or better still, use the zoom feature on your camera. 

Samantha Gannon

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