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A Day of Falls!

According to JM this afternoon, a 50-year-old woman fell several metres while while walking along a non-recommended levada route – Feitas, which ends in Chão da Ribeira.

The female tourist, like so many others fell in a difficult to access area, causing additional problems for the emergency services, which included a local and Madeira Volunteer Firefighter Rescue Team, two agents from the Porto Moniz PSP Squadron and an officer from the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation, while EMIR (Rapid Intervention Pre-hospital Medical Team) personnel were also on site to provide additional medical support.

After a “very difficult rescue mission” where specialist mountain rescue techniques had to be used, the Commander of the São Vicente and Porto Moniz Volunteer Firefighters, Artur Fernandes confirmed that the woman, who in addition to a severe fracture to one of her legs, suffered cuts and bruises to her head, was immediately transported immediately to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital for treatment.

While talking to reporters, Artur Fernandes reiterated that people should not walk along non-recommended trails, as this is the fifth person the São Vicente and Porto Moniz emergency services have rescued this week.

He went on to say that an inspection/management entity needs to be created to ensure the safety of the island’s trails, levada and paths, so that future fatalities and injuries can be avoided.

Concluding he said, ‘we are a proven safe destination, and its time for this nightmare to end!’

Samantha Gannon

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