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18 Strays Awaiting Adoption

Councilor Paulo Andrade, has confirmed that the Municipality of Ribeira Brava (CMRB), has 18 abandoned animals living at the Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals (SPAD), all of whom are awaiting adoption. There are 13 dogs and 5 cats, who were abandoned in the municipality, with some being housed at SPAD since 2016. 

Issuing a plea, he said that these animals have been caged for too long, and that he would love to see them integrated into loving, kind homes, especially as living in cages causes both stress and depression in cats and dogs.  Moreover, he said, these poor creatures have have been treated as if they were nothing better than household rubbish!

Adopting one of these strays is free, as the municipality will pay all the initial costs such as sterilisation/castration, vaccination and microchipping. Anyone interested in adopting an animal can simply go to SPAD and choose a furry friend, who is desperate for a second chance at life. 

The problem of animal abandonment is rampant, and Paulo Andrade sincerely believes that it is of vital importance that people understand the importance of castration/sterilisation in controlling unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, most of whom, will live terrible lives on the island’s streets.

Samantha Gannon

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