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SPAD Receives 30,000 From Regional Government

As part of the annual animal welfare association financial support scheme, the Regional Government, in conjunction with the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, this week signed a programme-contract with the Funchal Domestic Animal Protection Society (SPAD), for 30 thousand euros.

In his statement, the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, Humberto Vasconcelos, stressed that the financial support that the Regional Government has pledged this year is intended to help SPAD carry out its work in the defence, health and welfare of animals, especially as animal welfare if a major concern of the Regional Government.

The 30,000 euros comprises of a 10,000 euro budget to which an additional 20 thousand euros is available to offset the expenditure of housing strays, as well as helping towards the expense of sterilisation, food purchases, vaccination, surgeries, hospitalisation, chipping, medication, as well as paying salaries, utility bills and the purchase of essential good and services.

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