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Buried Asbestos Cost Regional Government 2.6 M Euros

Reacting to the news of the buried asbestos in the Ginjas area of São Vincente, the Regional Government (RG) has issued a statement stating that the removal and disposal of asbestos material cost the RG 2.6 million euros, and that it is available to collaborate with the judicial authorities during their investigation.

It was further declared that ‘all work carried by the RG is duly monitored and inspected to ensure that it complies with best working practices and current legislation.’

In turn, the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, Pedro Fino, along with other government bodies, confirmed that the company used to dispose of the highly carcinogenic material, Empreiteiros do Norte da Madeira S.A, whose main business activity according to its website is the construction of airport roads and runways, has not been employed by the Madeiran government in the last five years for any type of work involving the removal of asbestos fibre cement boards.

However, Pedro Fino did confirm that with regards to Madeira’s Housing Investment, work was carried out to remove asbestos fibre cement boards, but their disposal was supervised and fully documented, with the material itself buried in an authorised ‘continental territory.’

The case was originally brought to light on the 1st of July, when the National Republican Guard (GNR), confirmed that they had found several tonnes of asbestos.  So far a 68-year-old man and the company that was hired to dispose of the material, are under investigation.

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