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SEF Strike Forces Madeiran President to Act

The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, wrote today to the Minister of Internal Administration, Dr. Eduardo Cabrita, “expressing his concern regarding the Foreigners and Border Service (SCIF – SEF) announcement that they intend to hold a second 24 hour strike on the 9th of July.

In his letter, Miguel Albuquerque asks Eduardo Cabrita to intervene in order to “ensure that a sufficient number of SEF employees will be available to fulfil their airport duties within the region.

Miguel Albuquerque went on to explain that now that the Autonomous Region of Madeira has been included on the UK Green List, and as the island is a popular British holiday destination, there must be an adequate number of SEF employees working at both Madeira and Porto Santo airports to deal with the increase in the number of passengers. Moreover, air traffic indicators point to a growing increase in the number of flights and seat offers from six airlines based in twelve UK airports, and providing no further travel restrictions are introduced, this exponential increase in the number of UK passengers means that both the airports in Madeira and Porto Santo must be able to receive them, and provide adequate security services.  A situation which he is sure Eduardo Cabrita will fully support.

It’s already estimated that 65,000 UK passengers will holiday in Madeira during July and August.

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