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Stricter Controls on Single-Use Plastics

New regional legislation has approved the prohibition of some singe-use plastics as well as reducing the use of others.

In a recent press statement, the Regional Secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, stated that although the new measures had been approved, their implementation had been delayed due to the pandemic.

/she said, “Since 2015, the Regional Government has, been working on a strategy to combat marine pollution. However, up until now there have been two few people to fight the massive wave of waste and marine pollution that already exists. Yet, we have made inroads through the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), and school action programmes and initiatives, which have borne fruit and now, after six years, we are seeing a vast improvement in the coastal waters surrounding Madeira.

While attending the presentation of the ‘Porto Santo Without Marine Waste – Commitments to Community Management’ Project, at the Cultural Centre of Congresses of Porto Santo, she highlighted the work that has been developed by the Regional Government to combat marine pollution and protect the environment, especially the dune cordon.

The session was attended by partners from ‘Porto Santo Sem Garbage Marinho’ who debated and showed the results of the work that has been undertaken in terms of identifying types of plastic waste.

It should be noted that the project, which started last year, intends to stop plastics entering the ocean, and, in this way, contribute to the differentiation and valorisation of Porto Santo, bringing together partners such as ANP/WWF, AIDGLOBAL, Água and Residues from Madeira, Porto Santo City Council and ARDITI, with the support of WWF Norway and the Regional Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change.

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