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New Regional Pandemic Measures

During a press conference earlier today, both the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque and Minster for Health, Pedro Ramos outlined the new pandemic measures.  

1.From the 15th of this month, those living in care homes can receive two one hour visits a week. However, all visitors must undergo a rapid antigen test. All care home residents who are allowed to go home for a visit or need to be moved for medical reasons must also undergo a rapid antigen test 48 hours beforehand.

2. Weddings, baptisms and similar events can be held, with the number of guests not exceeding two-thirds of the venue capacity.  In all instances, where there are more than 100 people present, everyone is required to undergo a rapid antigen test up to 48 hours beforehand.  All tests and compliance of the new regulations are the responsibility of the venue management or the event organisers.

All food and drink must be consumed while sitting down. 

3. Cultural events can also take place at two-thirds of the venue capacity, providing a controlled entrance is provided. 

4. Restaurants, bars and similar can remain open until midnight. 

Further changes include the two-third rule to bars, restaurants and similar establishments, while six people are allowed to sit at a table inside and ten outside. Again, all food and drink must be consumed while seated. 

5. From June 15th, spectators can attend training and games at 50% of the venues capacity.

6. Transport will also use the two-third rule in addition to mandatory mask wearing and hand disinfection.

7. Commercial activities, services and casinos can operate until midnight. 

8. Themed parties and fairs are prohibited, due to the impossibility of ensuring crowd control.

9. Summer camps and ATLs can operate upon authorisation and submission of a contingency plan to the health authorities, as of the 1st of July. 

10. Musical events can tale place but everyone has to obey the rules.  For events with more than 100 people, everyone will have to undergo a rapid antigen test, submit to entrance control, test validation, social distancing and mask wearing.  This, said Miguel Albuquerque, was good news, as he was “looking forward to seeing a show himself.”

Finally, no alcohol can be consumed in a standing space, and all events must be controlled so that they are orderly and everyone obeys the current pandemic safety requirements, and it is up to management teams and event organisers to ensure this happens. 

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