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A Bad Day for Drivers

Today’s weather has caused havoc on the island’s roads.

A lorry blocked a road in Caminho das Preces, in Santa Quitéria, late this morning due to a mechanical failure.

This afternoon a car overturned on the via rapida in Calheta.  The driver was subsequently taken to hospital due to their injuries.

Again this afternoon a car was reported to have been driven off a cliff in São Jorge.  According to later reports, the driver, an 82-year-old man, lost his way and drove off the side of the road.  Eyewitnesses said that they saw him veer off the road and the only thing they remembered was seeing the vehicles wheels in the air before it crashed into the vegetation below.  Luckily, the man escaped with bruises to his head and pains in his arms, and was immediately transported to the local health centre. 

The accident happened at a spot where a child was killed in a car crash a few years ago. 

At 19:25 this evening another accident happened in Caminho das Virtudes, where at least one person is reported to have been injured. 

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