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More Raids Conducted

This morning an inspection took place by local Public Security Police officers and Regional Authority for Economic Activity (ARAE) agents on a premises located in Rua Latino Coelho, Funchal.  Although the event created a lot of local interest, and the premises is now closed, local newspaper JM were unable to find out the reason behind it.

A second raid on a bar this afternoon cause consternation for residents in in Chamorra, Santo António.  The bar, which is well known for being frequented by ‘certain individuals,’ had already been inspected before, with both the PSP and the ARAE believing that drugs were being sold and consumed on the premises.

The bar has now being closed, and material was seized to prevent the bar from opening any time soon.

In an article published later this evening, it was confirmed that both bars had been closed due to drug related crimes. Strangely enough, both bar owners had been advised that their bars were being compulsory closed from today, and yet they still had drugs on the premises!

Samantha Gannon

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