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596,755 Vaccines by the End of the Third Quarter

The 100,000th vaccine was administered today at the Madeira Technopolo. 

Pedro Ramos, the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, who was at the vaccination centre in Funchal this morning, considered it to be a milestone which further demonstrated the regions commitment to its citizens.  While talking to reporters, he said:

“100,000 administered vaccines is an important milestone. We know that we need to have 175,000 people vaccinated with both vaccines, although some will only require a single dose, as on the 17th of May the first consignment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines will arrive.  If  all goes to plan, we will have reached our goal by September/October this year.  And by the end of the third quarter, Madeira will have received a total of 596,755 vaccines.”

As of today, 30% of the population have received their first vaccination and 10% have been vaccinated with both.  However, although Pedro Ramos stressed that the goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible, he still advocated mass testing every 15 days, even asking those who had been vaccinated to perform an antigen test every two weeks.

In his final message he asked everyone to comply with the current pandemic health and safety measures, hinting that if all doesn’t go to plan, and the number of daily cases starts to rise, the Regional Government will not hesitate in implementing more stringent measures. 

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