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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Delay

The Regional Government remains confident that it will achieve it’s 70% vaccination target by September. 

When asked by journalists about a possible impact of the Johnson & Johnson delay on the vaccination plan due to cases of associated blood clots, similarly to what has happened with the AstraZeneca vaccine, Miguel Albuquerque said that it was too early to comment, but stressed that the numbers of  those affected were “residual percentages.  Only twenty cases have been recorded in the United Kingdom, with more than 40 million people vaccinated. There are more embolisms with the flu vaccine than with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the same thing is happening with Johnson & Johnson. Most of the controversy has to do with fights over quotas and wars between pharmaceutical companies; with  Johnson & Johnson suffering the same fate as AstraZeneca.’ 

Concluding the President of Madeira said: “Our plan remains to have 70% of the population vaccinated in September.  We are not scheduled to receive our first batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccines until June, so I don’t think we will be affected by the ‘vaccine trade wars!” 

Samantha Gannon

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