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More Weapons for the Forestry Police

Today the Regional Secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, attended a weapons handover to the Forest Police Corps at the Regional Command of the Public Security Police.

This initiative is part of an agreement signed by the two institutions, in which surplus and weapons in good working order, as a result from seizures, are transferred permanently and free of charge to the Forestry and Nature Conservation Institute (IFCN – Forestry Police).

In her speech, Susana Prada highlighted the role of the two forces, stressing the importance of this agreement as “it exemplifies a circular economy model. These weapons, which are in good condition, are, instead of being destroyed given to the Forestry Police, which enables them to carry out their duties in a safe and secure way.”

All in all, seven Class D weapons were handed over.  Class D weapons include semi-automatic centre-fire rifles, semi-automatic shotguns whose magazine capacity exceeds 5 rounds) and semi-automatic rimfire rifles using more than 10 rounds. The class also includes lever action shotguns whose magazine holds more than 5 rounds.

The Forestry Police Corps is a criminal police body, made up of 70 officers, offering a 24/7 service throughout the archipelago.

Samantha Gannon

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