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Madeira Receives 23,900 Pfizer Vaccines

23,900 vaccines were received by SESARAM this morning, the largest delivery of Pfizer vaccines received to date.  Two further vaccine deliveries are scheduled for this month, from both AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

Furthermore, the Regional Secretary for Health, Pedro Ramos stated this morning that those working in the tourism sector and ‘similar services’ may be the next groups to be vaccinated in the Region. In a statement he said: “We are going to start now with other critical services. After education, we are looking at the tourism sector, as the hotel industry will allow us to continue to recover our economy.”  He went on to say that the current measures are having a positive affect, as for “the last two days, the numbers of new cases have been less than 20.  Our goal is to have less than 10 cases per day, and then we will have more confidence in re-opening the economy.’ 

This is somewhat different to what has been quoted in the past, as then the benchmark figure for re-opening the economy was 20 or less new cases per day. 

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