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Porto Santo To Remain Isolated

The President of the Regional Government visited an organic agricultural production centre in Santo António, Funchal, this weekend.  The company Miranda & Trindade, is run by two businessmen who intend to use their farm as a tourist attraction, allowing visitors to the island to understand more about the crops grown here, especially bananas.

During his walkabout journalists questioned the President on his Porto Santo isolation policy which will remain in effect until the 15th of March.

Replying to their questions, the President, Miguel Albuquerque stressed that everything depends on how the Covid-19 figures evolve.  This will determine whether measures can be eased or not. “We will wait,” he said “and see how the pandemic situation evolves. In the case of Porto Santo, the number of cases is residual, but it is necessary to be aware that after the fiasco of Christmas and New Year when the virus escalated due to cross contamination, as Porto Santenses came to Funchal to party and the end result was an outbreak of the virus on the island. The situation” he said “is complicated.”

He further confirmed that people cannot walk after 7 pm, stating, “I am sorry to say this, but the curfew will remain in place until the situation gets back on track.”

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