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Catalogue of Cabo Girão Protected Area Species Created

The Project to Enhance the Region of Cabo Girão (GIRO), promoted by the Insular Association of Geography (AIG), today launched the Digital Catalogue of Cabo Girão Protected Area Species.

This catalogue consists of the various terrestrial and marine biodiversity officially registered until 2018 in Cabo Girão and is available free of charge on the official website at

According to the Coordinator of the Centre for Studies and Projects, Ana Neves, “This catalogue brings together a wealth of knowledge about the biodiversity of the Cabo Girão Protected Area which, until now, has only been available on a number of different sites and some of which were difficult to access. In addition to the new species reports in the region, and as a result of research work by biologists Cláudia Ribeiro and Pedro Neves, terrestrial species exclusive to Cabo Girão which are now classed as ‘critical’ on the endangered list have also been registered.”

According to the President of AIG, Marco Teles, “this is yet another stage in achieving the objectives of the GIRO project. The work carried out by the Centre for Studies and Projects since 2019 has allowed us to publish information that we are keen to share with the public in general. It is one of the principles of our project that we make a point of honouring!”

Continuing the work of the Giro Project, the centre plans to launch its 1st volume of the Cabo Girão Protected Area Book this year. This project, financed by European funds, is in partnership with the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation IP-RAM and the Municipality of Câmara de Lobos.

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