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Madeira Attracts Digital Nomads

Eduardo Jesus, the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, said today that digital nomads have become an an international trend, with the pandemic creating a different culture, that is, people want stay and work in countries where they feel safe.  

Madeira, stated Eduardo Jesus, while signing a pilot project protocol with Startup Madeira, called “Digital Nomads Madeira,” brings together the perfect conditions for these professionals, as not only does the island have excellent technological accessibility, but also offers “Good living conditions, climate and social stability.”

In Madeira, Digital Nomading has been emerging in a “spontaneous” way since March 2020, and the Secretary for Tourism stressed that the Government started working on this project in two different ways.  One through the Madeira Promotion Association and the other with Startup Madeira, with the implementation of the pilot project “Digital Nomads Madeira.”

The signing of this partnership, in Ponta do Sol, aims to help the ‘digital nomads’ in the management of their day-to-day lives, while Carlos Lopes, Executive President of Startup Madeira, said that this is an opportunity not only for future of Madeira, but also for “digital nomadism.”

So far 15 thousand euros has been invested in the project, and 1,600 worldwide registrations have been received, with 600 coming in over the weekend. With this sort of interest, Carlos Lopes has appealed to anyone who owns a property, especially in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, who would like to rent their property on a long term let, to do so, as demand is high. 

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