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Civil Protection Adverse Weather Recommendations

As the bad weather continues and is set to get worse the Civil Protection Service (SRPC, IP-RAM) has issued a set of guidelines. 

According to a statement from the Civil Protection Service, Regional Command of Relief Operations, the most critical period will be between late afternoon today the 7th (Thursday) and noon on the 8th (Friday), with torrential rain and strong winds in mountainous areas.  Waves on the north coast may peak at between 10 – 12 metres. 

The SRPC, IP-RAM recommendations are:

– Close doors and windows and remove loose objects found on balconies and window sills.

-Whenever possible, avoid travelling to areas affected by this type of weather situation.

– Do not drive around areas with degraded buildings, due to the risk of collapse.

-Pay attention to the assembled structures (scaffolding, awnings, tents, roofs), which may be affected by stronger gusts of wind, as well as a possible fall of trees.

– Special attention to circulation or obstruction of roads, caused by detachment of objects caused by strong, continuous or gusty winds;

– Adopt defensive driving, reducing speed and taking special care with the possible formation of water tables;

-Ensure clearing of rainwater drainage systems and removal of aggregates and other objects that can be dragged or create obstacles to the free flow of water;

-The risks that, with these conditions, represent the auto and pedestrian routes, especially in mountainous areas, exposed slopes and coastal areas, therefore advising special care in activities during the period in which the warning is in force;

– Damage to mounted or suspended infrastructure;

– Be attentive to weather information and indications from Civil Protection and Security Forces.

Basically stay safe.

Samantha Gannon

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