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We Are On The Verge of Community Transmission

In contrast to the previous article Mário Pereira, the former clinical director of SESARAM and former deputy of the CDS, understands that Madeira’s Covid transmission rate may have changed from ‘local’ to ‘community.’

In a statement, he shared his opinion saying “my concern, which is shared by my medical colleagues, is that we are most likely experiencing the beginning of Community Transmission, due to the geographical diversity of new Covid cases, the epidemiological characteristics of those affected, Covid related travel, our virtual inability to predict all close and probable contacts, as well as the growth in the number of infected people.

As such  he appealed to everyone “not to throw away all the efforts made so far by their fellow Madeirans, and the colossal investment made by the regional health authorities in the containment of Covid, and  COMPLY with all related health and safety recommendations.

Christmas is a time of HOPE, let’s not throw it away!

Stay safe!

Samantha Gannon

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