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12 Schools Affected by Covid

Twelve schools have been affected by Covid19, through either confirmed cases or through the social isolation of students who have come into contact with infected people.  Of the twelve schools, only ten have activated their respective contingency plans.

The most recent situation concerns a student at the Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia School who is self isolating at home, after a family member had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for the virus. However, as the Executive Board Director revealed to JM, the student has been absent from school for the past few days, and therefore it was not necessary to activate the contingency plan, or isolate their fellow classmates.

On the 4th of November, the guardians of a pupil at the Francisco Franco school tested positive. The student who was under observation tested positive, and her class and teachers will self isolate for the next fourteen days, and await instructions from the health authorities.

In Caniço EB23, a close family member to a student tested positive, but the student’s test came back negative. The student has not attended school since Thursday, the 29th of October and the class remains unaffected.

At the Jaime Moniz Secondary School, a guardian tested positive and the student has not attended school since Tuesday.  A fellow pupil is also in quarantine, while the rest of the class, amounting to twenty-three pupils are awaiting their test results and are currently in social isolation.

These are just the most recent cases. Other schools like Colégio Presentation de Maria; the EB23 of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, Colégio dos Salesianos, Colégio de Santa Teresinha, EBS Gonçalves Zarco, Escola Profissional Francisco Fernandes, EBS Ângelo Augusto da Silva and Bartolomeu Perestrelo have also been affected.

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