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New Rules and Regulations

Further to the President’s press conference this morning.  The new rules and regulations are as follows:

  1. Do not travel outside the territory unless it is strictly necessary during the next month.
  2. Hairdressers, Casino, playgrounds and maritime-tourist activities in the region will have to reduce their capacity to 50% from midnight on Thursday.Hairdressers, maritime-tourist activities and tattoo studios, will have to ensure prior booking of their services, and the adoption of basic protection measures for staff and customers is mandatory.

    Playgrounds, will operate reduced and restricted schedules, and children can only play for an hour at a time.

  3. Students coming back to Madeira to celebrate Christmas will undergo two PCR tests.  One at the airport on their arrival, but they then should remain in isolation until they are tested again, five to seven days later. Miguel Albuquerque argues that this measure is fundamental in safeguarding the health of the student, their family and the community as a whole.
  4. Bars will close at midnight and are subject to inspection by the PSP, GNR and ARAE to ensure that the rules are obeyed.Masks must be worn and alcohol gel provided for all customers.  No more than five people may sit together.

    Public meetings of more than five people, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads is prohibited.

    Discotheques will be closed for 30 days.

    Restaurants will close at 11 pm.

    Customers will not be allowed to remain inside any restaurant, bar or café after closing time.

  5. Gymnasiums will be required to reduce their capacity to 50% and measure the temperature of all their clients before using the facilities.  Gel must be provided.  All indoor group classes or classes of more than three people including the trainer are also forbidden.  However, it would appear that outdoor classes can still go ahead.
  6. All competitions have been suspended for the next thirty days, and only training is allowed provided it adheres to health and safety regulations.
  7. Wedding parties, baptisms and other family celebrations are restricted to fifty guests and can only be held in health authority approved places.The President of the Regional Government added that churches and other places of worship spaces will be restricted to a 1/3 of their normal capacity.  Mask wearing is mandatory and hand disinfectant must be made available for everyone to use.

    After the service, all areas must be disinfected.  Worshippers are encouraged to leave immediately after the service, and on no account should anyone ‘congregate at the church gates or doors.’

    In his address, the President of Madeira stated..”We have thirty days to contain the disease in the Region and prevent further outbreaks of contagion. We already know that we have to prevent and take prophylactic measures, and the community has to collaborate on these measures, because, only with everyone’s responsibility will we be successful.”

    “What is foreseen, is foreseen, if we need to change, we change. The next month is decisive in terms of evolution.

    When asked about the cancellation of all sports competitions over the next thirty days, Miguel Albuquerque replied  “the health of the islands citizens has to come first and sport second.”

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