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New Animal Welfare Measures

As part of their animal welfare initiative the Regional Government is setting aside funds in next years budget to build a pet crematorium, introduce a massive sterilisation campaign and regulate the feeding of animals on public roads.

The vice-president of the Regional Government of Madeira, Pedro Calado, who was accompanied by João Freitas, a strong advocate of animal welfare, visited the Auqmia veterinary clinic and used the opportunity to announce their ‘good news’ to assembled reporters.

Beginning with the pet crematorium, the Vice President said that its creation is already included in next years budget and that the Regional Government is currently looking for land so that work on the crematorium can start next year.  He went on to say that he is aware of how families feel following the loss of a much loved pet and that cremation is a way for owners to come to terms with the grieving process as well as allowing pets to be dealt with dignity after they die.

In addition an independent and autonomous ‘Animal Protection Officer’ will be created to oversee animal welfare and safety throughout the island.  According to the vice-president of the Regional Government, the ‘Animal Protector’ will work with the different welfare associations, clinics, private entities, thus contributing to a greater awareness of the treatment of animals and related issues ”.

Alongside these measures, the Vice President also announced a massive sterilisation campaign, an intervention designed to control Madeira’s abandoned animal problem at source.  This will involve private entities and other associations in order to create a better level of animal welfare protection. This is, according to the government official, a way to help people in the way they deal with animals, because we know that today, and especially in today’s uncertain times, pets become either an invaluable companion, a link and a factor of emotional stability or are thrown out like a disposable commodity.

Another measure that the Regional Government intends to introduce, is to regularise the feeding of stray animals on public roads. Pedro Calado confirmed that there are a large number of people who try and help strays by feeding them and this process needs to be regularised to ensure that animals are fed properly and safely. By doing this, we can propose a list of laws to be voted on at the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, to ensure that the island’s animals are treated with respect and dignity and that those involved in assisting vulnerable animals are acknowledged and given adequate guidelines with regards to feeding and monitoring the health of these animals.

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