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New Allotments in Camara de Lobos

The council land clearing initiative near Quinta do Leme is nearing completion and once finished the land will be partitioned to provide allotments to those who are interested and wish to produce their own fruit and vegetables.

According to councilman Leonel Silva “The municipality is preparing an orthophotographic survey of the area, and drafting respective regulations, in order to guarantee equal access to all those who are interested in managing an allotment, as well as ensuring the environmental safety of the area.”

In addition, the City Council is clearing approximately 150m of river bed in Ribeira do Vigário, as well as securing, conserving, and rehabilitating the respective river bed margins, using bioengineering techniques. These include the introduction and planting of shrubs and tree species (seiceiros) and shoring up vulnerable sections with stone blocks.

The river cleaning initiative has so far resulted in the removal of  120 tonnes of solid urban waste, other rubbish and plant material  as well as trying to eradicate invasive weeds.  This will help to ensure that the flow of water remains unimpaired during heavy rain and storms. Through this, they hope that when the island is hit by extreme weather patterns the destructive pattern of floods on the lower levels of the island can be contained.

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